Our Litters

How We Raise Our Pups

We might be a little different to what you have experienced with other breeders. We pride ourselves on our extensive background in natural animal health, training and raising dogs for pets as well as sporting and showing dogs. 


Our puppies get our full attention when they are with us, we signficantly reduce our time spent in the clinic to ensure that our little ones do not miss out on the critical socialisation phase. 

Once the birth and first two days have passed, we move into Early Neurological Stimulation.



The U.S. Military developed the 'Bio Sensor" or now more commonly known as the "Superdog Program" to improve the performance of dogs used for military/working purposes. This method is based on years of research that these exercises have important and lasting effects on puppies. 

ENS has the following benefits: 

1. Stronger heart beats and heart rates. 

2. More resistance to disease. 

3. Adrenaline system that moves faster when they need it. 

4. More tolerance to stress throughout their lives. 

Each workout involves handling the puppies once each day one at a time done in order of preference from 3-16 days. 

  1. Tactical stimulation (between toes)
  2. Head held erect
  3. Head pointed down
  4. Supine position
  5. Thermal stimulation


You can watch a video explanation on this here by Dr. Carmen Batagglia if you are keen to learn more about this process. 


The Beatles 2021

Wembury Hearts Desire x Alubyc Tsunami (AI) 

This was a large litter of 10 pups with 5 boys and 5 girls. The Beatles are our foundation WHISKEYRIVER litter. They found beautiful dedicated homes, enjoy fresh food diets and have matured beautifully. Here are a few photos of these pups all grown up! 

The Stones 2022

Wembury Hearts Desire x Alubyc Man Who Sold The World with Askaval  

Our current litter! We welcomed a beautiful litter of 8 babies 6 boys and 2 girls into the world on July 12th 2022. Austen has once again produced the most beautiful, healthy babies. We look forward to seeing these little ones grow and thrive in their forever homes. If you are interested in welcoming a puppy from this litter into your home please see our application page. 


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